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Facilities Rental

We happily make our space available for rentals. For custom rates, availability, rental policies and information not listed below, contact us or call the church at (716) 649-8637.

We are a welcoming congregation and all activities in our building must be open to anyone regardless of race, creed, gender, ethnic background, age, ability, financial status, sexual orientation, education, citizenship, or physical condition.  We believe that everyone gains from associations that are diverse.

Those wishing to use our facilities are strongly encouraged to make reservations in a timely manner to best ensure availability on your preferred date(s).

We can assist you in finding the perfect space in our facilities for your sacred event, rite of passage, class, meeting, or party. We will also provide information on what the various pricing options are based upon the event you have in mind.

Permission to use the church facilities should be requested through a Board of Trustees member.  Then, that person should notify the Board chairperson and the treasurer.  The chairman of the Board of Trustees, the church treasurer, the “requesting person” and church contact person should each have a copy of the  Board of Trustees approved agreement.

We encourage you to schedule a tour of our buildings and grounds before making a reservation and request. To do so please contact us and we will respond promptly.

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