As many of you know, I was recently granted preliminary fellowship as a UU minister. This means the UUA and I have done some rigorous work to “vet” me as a minister, and the denomination fully supports any church that chooses to ordain me.

Given my recent affirmation of my path, I feel called to reflect on all the winding journeys of discernment we take in life. Should we pursue higher education or enter the work force? What kind of work can we do or do we want to do? Which relationships? Marriage? Children? Military Service? A call to create art or music? There are so many paths and not enough time to take them all.

As we journey along, trying out many paths and identities, it feels so good to be affirmed along the way. To hear, “You are really good at that!” But sometimes it is even more important to find reassurance and love when things don’t go well. To find the soothing balm of, “You tried. I’m proud of you,” and “You just haven’t found your niche yet. You will!”

This is why in life it is so spiritually critical to find connection; a sense of belonging to and in this life no matter how the path may wind. Whether it be friends, family, other community (a church community perhaps :-) )or a sense of the holy, finding and knowing your interconnections on the interdependent web to lean on will hold you in good times and bad.

This month, I encourage you to remind yourself and others of these sacred connections. Consider who you could go to and talk to in times of distress. Remember to put your minister on that list. :-)  Remind people in your life if you want them to know you are there to love and support them; to be on their list.

Consider times you have been held or saved by others, and times you have held or saved others.

We belong to each other. We cannot do it alone, and we don’t have to!

Yours in Faith,                        Michelle