Summertime can be the perfect time to have an adventure! We are usually already doing things out of our normal routine with different schedules, vacations, parties, or simply the call out into the sunshine or to hide from the rain, as the case may be.

How do we as UUs embrace being a people of adventure?

It’s part of our liberal theological nature to grow and change; to explore and innovate.

I’m drawn to think about the story of Goldie Locks and the Three Bears:

-When your “food is too hot”, take a “walk.”

-Stop by unannounced, or go somewhere unusual. Be curious. Ask curious questions.

-Try new things, and consider what you do and don’t care for. Notice what feels “too hard, too soft, or just right.”

-And unlike Goldie Locks, be sure to be courteous, help clean up, say you’re sorry, try to fix your mistakes, and be in relationship rather than “run away.” That is where the real learning of adventures takes place. 😉

Try out a new thought or idea, foods, books, or music outside of your usual genre. Perhaps check out a different theology, philosophy or opinion. Try to understand and appreciate it, and consider how it connects to and contrasts with what you believe.

Here are links to some fun TED talks and songs about travel and adventures to inspire you:

Finally, share your stories in summer time conversations, all year long or with your church community. I love hearing about your physical and spiritual adventures!

Happy Trails!!