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New Member Sunday - June 16

We always welcome new members at UUCH! We will be having a new member ceremony at our Sunday, June 16, worship service. If you're interested in joining our church, speak to any board member or Rev. Susan about joining us in “official” membership.

Being a member of a UU church is personal choice. It happens when someone is ready to commit to the congregation. It means participating in services and activities as able. It means helping as one can, with the health of the congregation, the building, and financially. Membership has its privilege too. As a member, you can vote at the annual congregational meeting, be on the board, and be married, buried or have children blessed for free.

Joining the church is as easy as stating your intentions to a board member or the minister, having a conversation about what joining means to you with the minister,  and participating in the ritual of signing the membership book. If you have thought about becoming a member, reach out to Reverend Sue Frawley at or speak to a board member. We will be so happy to answer any questions or have you join.


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