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Save the Michaels

Our church was able to donate $200 to the Save the Michaels program, our Community Benefit program for October. Aleks Malejs ( shared valuable insights and resources during her talk with us on November 12, about "The Origin Story of Save the Michaels of the World." She discussed the services that the organization currently offers, and talked about how her own struggles with drugs and alcohol in the past that led her here.

Aleks is also a local professional actor and has been featured at the Irish Classical, Kavinoky and Alleyway Theaters. She is a 3-time Artie Award recipient and a 2-time Buffalo Spree "Best of Western NY" winner. Aleks is also a West-Herr Spokesperson and can be heard on monthly radio spots with Bills legend Steve Tasker.

While Aleks is a Buffalo native, she has spent time in the Northwest, and she lived in Brooklyn for more than a decade. Since her return to Buffalo in 2013, Aleks developed a passion for education and advocacy both in the world of theater and addiction.

You can check out her talk at our link on the Sunday Services page.

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