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Walking Together- July 2016

by Michelle Yates

July 2016 As a kid, I took things pretty seriously. One of these things was love of country. I was sincere in the saying of the Pledge of Allegiance. I was attentive to the words of every patriotic song. I stood for and respected the flag. That’s not to say I don’t still do these […]

Walking Together- June 2016

by Michelle Yates

June Newsletter 2016 Annual Reports can be a kind of spiritual practice. Stay with me on this…. With the rhythms of life, I’ve always identified more with the academic year or “church year” than the January to December model. The “church year”: starting in September, ending in June, with two months in between to buffer […]

Walking Together- May 2016

by Michelle Yates

May Newsletter 2016 There is nothing like moving to show you how much STUFF you have, OR when you are trying to live while not settled in, how essential some items are. In my family’s recent move I’ve learned that I have an excessive amount of books. What seemed reasonable at one time, is now […]

Walking Together- April 2016

by Michelle Yates

April 2016- Passover is Great! Passover makes me think of Moses, which reminds me of one of my very favorite Biblical themes: the “Call Narrative.” A “Call Narrative” is the part in so many biblical stories where God says something along the lines of, “Hey you, I want you to go and do this really […]